Monday, October 12, 2009

And now...the rewrites!

Right Now: Working on my second cup of coffee. Listening to Kings of Leon, Use Somebody. It's warm and muggy outside.

Today is all about rewrites. Rewrites are like editing, but deeper. More like reworking concepts, changing plot, and stuff like that. Here's my to-do list for my rewrites:

1. Delete the first 3 chapters or so and start with some serious character interaction and paranormal activity.

2. Work on show and not tell.

3. Change the paranormal activity that my main character experiences.

4. Let me repeat, show and don't tell.

5. Change the ending so that it's not too open-ended. Possibly even write an alternate ending.

6. Make one of the characters, Infiniti, a little more edgy.

So, that's my to-do list. It's A LOT, but I'm so ready to get this bad boy done! Once all these rewrites are made, I KNOW I'm going to find my agent.

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