Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Busy Day

RIGHT NOW: Jake is at a one week away camp. (I really miss him). Olivia and her friend Alexis are just now waking up. (10:20 am) Early for them. I'm listening to Absolute by the Fray.

I've got lots to do today. First, I've got a meeting with a potential new client for Media Masters. I'm really looking forward to it. I'll be seeing a lawyer I used to know when I was on the board of the Houston Young Lawyers.

After that, I'm back at my desk, monitoring the media coverage for the MJ case. And, of course, checking my emails for a response from the agent who requested a partial.

As far as partials go, I wonder how long it will take for her to get back to me. And, should I put all queries on hold until I hear from her? I'm debating that one. What do you guys think?

Monday, July 27, 2009

My First Positive Agent Response!

RIGHT NOW: Jake is at a one week away camp. Olivia is on the couch watching HGTV. I'm listening to Glass of Water by Coldplay.

Most of you know that I've been working on my manuscript, getting it in tip-top shape before I charge ahead with more queries. Why? Because competition is stiff, and my manuscript needs to be absolutely perfect.

To that end, I met with Lisa Isgitt and Deborah Lawson for lunch last Friday. (Both AWA friends) Lisa, a former editor, has agreed to look at my manuscript. Deborah, an avid reader, is going to do the same. How lucky I am to have such awesome friends!

So, I left the lunch feeling great. When I got home I checked my email and guess what! I had an email from an agent asking for my first three chapters!!! Yahooo!!! I'm so excited because that means she liked my query enough to want to see my work. That's a huge accomplishment!!

I reviewed the three chapters again and again and again before sending. Even had Deborah give me her feedback before sending. I made some minor changes and sent it along. Wow...

So now I wait for her response. I pray she likes my work enough to want to see more. And if she does, I will FREAK OUT and do the happy dance.

Whether or not things will pan out with this agent is yet to be seen. But it is, nonetheless, a victory for me!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Edits...

RIGHT NOW: Jake and Olivia are at SMAC (Summer Music Activities Camp). The house is quiet!

I put out an SOS on my Facebook page and Twitter account looking for someone well versed in the Chicago Manual of Style. (fyi, the CMA is every editor's Bible). Luckily, I found someone who could help, someone I know through the AWA, Lisa Isgitt. THANKS, LISA!!!

See, this whole online networking thing really works!!

Anyhow, I'm meeting with her on Friday and so today I'm working on getting my manuscript in tip top shape for her. Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Character Tristan Garcia

RIGHT NOW: Finishing coffee, listening to A Bad Dream by Keane. Jake is at golf camp. Olivia comes home from away camp today. Hooray!

SUBMISSION TALLY: Submissions on hold, pending more editing.

I love all the characters in my book, one in particular: Tristan Garcia. (Described as looking like Zac Efron) I didn't intend for him to be such a pivotal character, but as I wrote, he just took a life of his own.

Initially, he was a minor high school love interest of my main character, Dominique Wells. But when I went more into his personality, he just evolved, springing off the page almost, dictating his role and impact on the other characters.

Tristan is the humble and poor kid who takes nothing for granted; a good Catholic boy who works hard for everything he has. He cares deeply for Dominique, but can never "be" with her, for reasons that you'll see one day when my book is published. They are forced to break-up, but neither one can really get over the other.

At first I thought of limiting Tristan to just the first book of the trilogy, but I've decided I just can't do that to him. So, he'll be back. But in a way no one will ever expect.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Show, Don't Tell

RIGHT NOW: Finishing coffee, getting ready to write. Kids are at sports skills camp. Listening to 95.7 until I put on my mood music: Cocteau Twins- Four Calendar Cafe. Glad it's Friday!

When I finished my book, my word count was just under 100K. Yep, 100K! When I started writing, I worried I wouldn't have enough to say, but instead my story just took off. My plot thickened, my characters evolved, secrets were revealed.

What a great feeling!

Happy to be finished, I handed my manuscript over to my sister-in-law for editing. She used to be an editor and is familiar with the Chicago Manual of Style. She made some cuts, did some red-lining, and impressed on me the importance of showing, not telling.

Well, hadn't I done that??

Taking her advice, I went back to my manuscript and found that I had a lot of fixin' to do. So I cut, condensed and sharpened my writing. But I still felt like my manuscript just wasn't "there."

Then my cousin Jan Burke sent me her suggestions and you guessed of the things she said was, "you might want to go for more show than tell."

Hmmm... I said to myself.

I take constructive criticism well and so I took her advice and picked up my manuscript (after not touching it for over a month) and alas, I saw...really saw what they both meant!!!

I get it now! Really get it!! So I've been editing, and I'm loving it. My word count is about 93K now, and I'm still not done with editing. But one thing's for sure, I'm enjoying being with my characters again and helping them to be better than they were.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm an Official Tweeter

RIGHT NOW: Listening to MJ Memorial on CNN, kids are at sports skills camp, waiting for brother-in-law to call when the baby is born! They're in labor right now!

I've been resisting the whole tweeting thing, but went ahead and decided to do it...and I'm hooked!! (you can follow me @roseonprose.) I guess you could say I'm an official social media geek. I'm following 24 people and I have 12 followers. Not bad for just a few days, I think.... All I need to do now is hook up on Skype and I'm all set. Not sure for what, but I'm ready!

As for the MJ case, all is going well. I'm sure there will be a flurry of activity after the Memorial Service, but right now Media Masters is on auto-pilot.

As for the book, well, that's another story. I got some very valuable and much needed critique from my cousin-in-law Jan Burke. She's a rockin' author and an all-around cool person and I am sooo grateful that she read some of my book. THANKS, JAN!! She gave me some tips on writing and now I need to do some more editing before I charge forward with my queries again. I think I might even hire a professional editor, but not sure yet. I'll see how it goes with my own editing.

As for Book 2, I've been neglecting it but need to get back on it because I had a surge of story ideas over the weekend in Corpus. I think it was sitting at the beach at night and staring at the stars that did it to me. There's just something about sitting on the cool sand, staring into the vast ocean that does something to me. My creative juices are definitely flowing. I just need to sit and do it, which is what I'm going to do right now....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Been Busy with My Day Job

Most of you know that I'm a partner in Media Masters. We manage high profile cases for lawyers and law firms. Well...we are working with the law firm of Stradley, Chernoff & Alford LLP, the Houston firm representing the personal doctor of Michael Jackson. To say we've been busy would be an understatement.

So, for the most part, my writing and my search for an agent is on hold. Which, as it turns out, is a good thing because my manuscript needs some more tweaking. I'm even thinking of hiring an editor to read through my book and help me with my grammar. I'll let you know what I decide.

Until then!