Thursday, August 27, 2009

Awesome Webinar Today with Chuck Sambuchino!

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I just finished listening to an awesome webinar with Chuck Sambuchino. The topic: How to Land a Literary Agent. I will share some of his wisdom here:

1. Really do your homework on your agents. Google them. Then rank them. Give them what they want. No more, no less.

2. You should have the following prepared before sending your query. (Other than a completed manuscript that has been edited and beta-tested): logline (1 sentence description), a pitch (like a jacket of a book), short synopsis (1-2 pages) and long synopsis (5-8 pages).

3. There are 3 parts to a query: Intro (name of book, genre, word count and why you're contacting that agent), Pitch (the heart of your query where you explain the story and the conflict without giving anything away), Bio (info about yourself).

4. A "no" from one agent at an agency is a "no" from all.

5. If you haven't heard back from an agent, it's okay to re-send the query by pasting it into a new email and saying that you're resending it in case it got caught in the spam filter.

6. Go to conferences! It's a great way to connect with agents! (I need to do this.)

Well, there was lots more, but I gotta get back to work!!

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