Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Character Tristan Garcia

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I love all the characters in my book, one in particular: Tristan Garcia. (Described as looking like Zac Efron) I didn't intend for him to be such a pivotal character, but as I wrote, he just took a life of his own.

Initially, he was a minor high school love interest of my main character, Dominique Wells. But when I went more into his personality, he just evolved, springing off the page almost, dictating his role and impact on the other characters.

Tristan is the humble and poor kid who takes nothing for granted; a good Catholic boy who works hard for everything he has. He cares deeply for Dominique, but can never "be" with her, for reasons that you'll see one day when my book is published. They are forced to break-up, but neither one can really get over the other.

At first I thought of limiting Tristan to just the first book of the trilogy, but I've decided I just can't do that to him. So, he'll be back. But in a way no one will ever expect.

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