Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm an Official Tweeter

RIGHT NOW: Listening to MJ Memorial on CNN, kids are at sports skills camp, waiting for brother-in-law to call when the baby is born! They're in labor right now!

I've been resisting the whole tweeting thing, but went ahead and decided to do it...and I'm hooked!! (you can follow me @roseonprose.) I guess you could say I'm an official social media geek. I'm following 24 people and I have 12 followers. Not bad for just a few days, I think.... All I need to do now is hook up on Skype and I'm all set. Not sure for what, but I'm ready!

As for the MJ case, all is going well. I'm sure there will be a flurry of activity after the Memorial Service, but right now Media Masters is on auto-pilot.

As for the book, well, that's another story. I got some very valuable and much needed critique from my cousin-in-law Jan Burke. She's a rockin' author and an all-around cool person and I am sooo grateful that she read some of my book. THANKS, JAN!! She gave me some tips on writing and now I need to do some more editing before I charge forward with my queries again. I think I might even hire a professional editor, but not sure yet. I'll see how it goes with my own editing.

As for Book 2, I've been neglecting it but need to get back on it because I had a surge of story ideas over the weekend in Corpus. I think it was sitting at the beach at night and staring at the stars that did it to me. There's just something about sitting on the cool sand, staring into the vast ocean that does something to me. My creative juices are definitely flowing. I just need to sit and do it, which is what I'm going to do right now....

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